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Second meeting of the steering committee online (June 3rd 2024)

The topics for the meeting were:

  • Ins and outs of the project

  • Presentation of the basic considerations for the workshops ( future workshop: inclusion & diversity, education for a democratic culture, project work, systemic thinking) discussion & adaptation

  • Scheduling and other arrangements

Evoke Steering Committee in Berlin Erasmus+

First meeting of the steering committee in Berlin (Nov. 2023)

Representatives of the consortium partners met in Berlin, capital city of Germany, from November 22 to 24 to start implementing the project.


This fruitful meeting helped determin the communication dimension, the agenda and the various workloads of EVOKE.

The whole crew was on board !


Choice of the logo

In Berlin, the steering committee chose a logo, upon various options. 

This logo is made up of several elements that reflect both the composition of the consortium and the objectives of the project:
- the background recalls the contours of Europe, and the participation of 6 countries
- the blue and yellow colours are both European and common to our 6 flags (one colour appears at least once in every flag)
- the geographical shapes, both vertical and horizontal, are a reminder that education takes place both top-down and horizontally, through co-construction, collaboration and transversality. The nuanced transparency of the colours emphasises openness, inclusion and choice.

The O in the shape of both a circle and a square is a nod both to the tools, such as DIY tools, that will be put in place by the partners and also to the "squaring of the circle", signifying that education is constantly progressing.

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